Terms & Conditions for Visa Save & Celebrate Campaign’23

Terms & Conditions for Visa Save & Celebrate Campaign’23

  • Customers must save their Visa Card while paying online

  • One Visa card can only be used twice on each website to avail the offer. The discount

    won't apply if the card is removed and then added again.

  • If a customer has already saved their Visa card on a particular website at an earlier time

    (before April 06s, 2023), the same card won’t be eligible to avail the offer from the same website. The discount is only applicable for customers who save a new Visa card on a particular website.

  • Payment must be made through SSLCOMMERZ Gateway.

  • Only successful transactions will be counted.

  • Refunds will be processed as per the merchant policy.

  • Offer valid till May O6, 2023

  • Visa & SSL Wireless reserves the right to modify the campaign terms & conditions in any manner or cancel the entire campaign at any time without giving any prior notice

  • Visa & SSL Wireless reserves the right to add/remove participating merchants as well as modify the discount modality of the participating merchants at any time during the campaign period.

  • Visa & SSL Wireless reserves the right to cancel the discount if the particular transaction and/or the customer transaction behavior raises reasonable suspicion that the customer has abused the benefit of the campaign

    Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of this offer?

Ans: Offer valid till May 06, 2023.

2. How can I avail this offer?

Ans: If you have a Visa card, you can enjoy the offer by saving your Visa Card while paying online.

3. Which gateway is applicable for the transaction for this campaign? Ans: SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway is applicable for the campaign.

4. Which payment channels are allowed for this campaign?

Ans: Any Bangladeshi Local Visa card is allowed for this campaign. This includes both Debit and Credit cards of Visa

5. How many times can I avail the offers during the campaign period?

Ans: You can avail the offer twice from each individual merchant site when you save your Visa card while paying online. However, if you have already saved your card on a particular website at an earlier time (before April 06, 2023) the same card won’t be eligible to avail the offer from that particular website.

6. Will I receive discount if my payment is successful?

Ans: If your payment is valid then SSLCOMMERZ recognizes the transaction as authentic, you will receive discount depending on the terms and conditions of the campaign. Otherwise, SSLCOMMERZ reserves the right to cancel the discount.

7. Is it safe to save my card information here?

Ans: Yes, it is absolutely safe to save your card information with SSLCOMMERZ. SSLCOMMERZ is authorized and licensed as a Payment Systems Operator (PSO) by Bangladesh Bank. SSLCOMMERZ is also PCI DSS compliant which is one of the most respected and recognized payment data security standards in the world. To achieve this compliance, an organization needs to go through quarterly tests and face rigorous audit through a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). To continue with the compliance, SSLCOMMERZ goes through annual recertification process every year.

8. When will my saved cards be used for transactions?

Ans: When you opt to save your card for one of our merchants, we will prompt you the saved cards which you can select for making a payment.

9. How do you ensure that my saved card is used only by me?

Ans: When you are saving your card information during registration, we will verify you through Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure that you own the card then map it with entered mobile phone number. Afterwards, whenever we get your mobile phone number and we will verify your mobile phone number either through 2FA or an OTP before you can make any payments. We will keep track of your transactions and alert you if we detect any suspicious activities.