We thrive for Simplicity-Minimalism

GoodyBro represents the Basic trend where simplicity drives everyone to create a minimalistic lifestyle and better world.

Alongside, GoodyBro ensures the best export quality products with timely service to its customers. GoodyBros believe that life becomes easier when we think simply and take things easily.

How it Started

GoodyBro was started by Shafin and Ahnaf (two Josephite best friends, a.k.a TheGoodyBros) as a side hustle on July 2019. They thought about their daily struggles with shopping and the lack of reliable online brands and authentic products made them frustrated thus they decided to solve this problem. It received almost 50 sales in its first day from its Facebook Page. The GoodyBros were surprised with the response and re-created promotional posts to get more than 100 sales the very next day. 

GoodyBro now has a small and driven team of 14 members and an office at North Dhanmondi. It is glad to serve many corporate clients and celebrities to produce their merchandise besides its regular online & offline retail sales. Currently, it is thriving with ensuring proper quality and commitment to its customers and it is on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry of Bangladesh. 

Eco-friendly Products

We are Oeko-tex certified and we recycle the water used in order to produce the cotton which ensures no harm to the environment so that you can wear GoodyBro proudly knowing that you are doing something from your part to save the earth.

We are endeavoring to get rid of our plastic packaging. We are having test runs with jute 'Sonali Bags'. Thanks to Dr Mubarak Khan for inventing it and also cooperating with us.