Good T-shirt Day

Good T-shirt Day

Staying T-shirt Trendy 365 Days around 

Are you that person who always prioritizes comfort while dressing up? Be it a casual meet-up or a formal presentation, staying comfortable is important. Comfortable clothes not only make you feel great but also boost up your confidence level to some extent. You might now be wondering how awesome it would have been if we could casually wear a t-shirt and go to a meeting or a party. Well, honestly, you actually can!

A t-shirt is the ultimate comfortable outfit in the entire world. Even you’ll agree to this! You can have a bad hair day or a bad skin day but you can never have a bad t-shirt day. Hence if you want to have a good t-shirt day and stay trendy wearing t-shirts all year round, no matter what the occasion is, then this article is just for you!

The Casual Look 

A t-shirt is often considered the most casual outfit. No matter what the weather is, styling your outfit with a t-shirt is always easy and effortless. As summer prevails in Bangladesh for a good amount of time, you can always opt for a t-shirt for any of your casual events. Below are some of the summer-friendly casual t-shirt looks to make you look trendy even under the scorching sun. 

Look 1: T-shirt and Denim 

A solid white T-shirt and denim are the perfect duo of all time. Even if you are feeling lazy or you’re late for an event, just wear a white T-shirt, tuck it in your favorite pair of denim and you’re good to go. You can also fold the end of the denim for a more casual look. Wear your cleanest pair of white shoes and there, you’re done! Oh and don’t forget your sunglasses! 

T-shirt and Denim

Look 2: T-shirt and a skirt 

The skirt trend is back! You can choose your favorite skirt, be it a midi skirt or a pleated one, and pair it up with a contrast t-shirt. Wear a choker or hoop earrings to stand out in the crowd! You can wear a pair of white shoes or open sandals to finish your look. 

Look 3: Slaying in a sundress 

Sundresses are super comfortable for summer but some people might find them uncomfortable as most of the sundresses are sleeveless. To solve this problem, you can wear a contrast t-shirt and wear your sundress above it. As both the materials are summer-friendly, you’ll not feel sweaty. You can wear a pair of white converse or sandals and finish your look with cute hair accessories. 


Look 4: Rocking pajamas in public 

Want to rock pajamas in public? You can do that by pairing up a t-shirt with a sleeveless jumpsuit or rompers. Try to go for solid-colored t-shirts if your jumpsuit is a printed one and vice-versa. This will make your outfit eye-pleasing. You can confidently pull off this look for a house party or a meet-up. And don’t forget to wear your favorite pair of heels or sandals whichever you’re comfortable in. 

Look 5: T-shirt and kimono 

If you want to keep your look even more casual, just wear a white t-shirt, contrast floral printed kimono, and pair them up with blue or black denim to finish your look. You’ll not only feel comfy but will radiate tranquility around you.


Look 6: Staying cozy with a tee 

Apart from the summer-friendly looks, you can also stay trendy yet cozy with a t-shirt in winter. Wear a solid color t-shirt, pair it up with denim, and a denim jacket. It will keep you warm and make you look fashionable. If you want to carry a winter-friendly different look then go for a long coat instead of a denim jacket. And don’t forget to tuck in your t-shirt to make you look slimmer and taller than usual! 

The Traditional Look 

Staying casual with a t-shirt is easy peasy but staying traditional with a t-shirt, is that even a thing? It actually is! You can pull off a ‘simple-er moddhe gorgeous’ look with a t-shirt and a saree and slay at wedding dawats! Try to go for a full-sleeve solid t-shirt for this one and use it as a blouse. Drape a colorful or gorgeous saree. Lastly, finish your look by wearing long meenakari earrings and a pair of heels. With this look, you’ll definitely be in the spotlight! 

The Traditional Look

The Formal Look

You can also pull off a formal look for an interview, a presentation, or even a meeting wearing a t-shirt and a pair of suits. A white t-shirt is preferred for this one as most of the suits found are usually of darker shades. Tuck in your white t-shirt to make your look more clean and formal. Go for closed shoes or closed heels for this one! 

The Formal Look

All these t-shirt friendly looks are all-season friendly. You might feel underdressed but sometimes less is more and way better. GoodyBro has the largest collection of solid color t-shirts. You can check their website or visit their shop to find it yourself! Lastly, stay trendy with a tee cause life is too short to have a bad t-shirt day! 

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