Well-dressed on Budget

Well-dressed on Budget

A beginner’s guide to saving money while shopping

Are you a shopaholic but also want to save money so that you can buy more things later on? If yes, then this article is just for you. The problem with being a shopaholic is that you love everything you see and this pushes you to buy everything, even the things that you don’t need. And that’s a problem.

But when there’s a problem, there’s also a solution. We’ll not tell you “don’t shop and put all your money in the bank”. That’s no fun, we all know that. We’ll share some of our tips and tricks that you can follow to shop in a budget-friendly way. In this way, you can shop smart, look great, and be well-dressed on a budget.

Wardrobe essential: Casuals and Formals

First thing first, go for essentials that are a must-have for your wardrobe and are never out of fashion. For example, a pair of jeans, and a white or black tee. This is like the perfect duo to make you feel comfortable and look fashionable. You can wear this at any casual events, and meet-ups.

Some of the other casual outfits that you must have are a denim jacket or a leather jacket for winter, and a few different colored turtlenecks too. The summer must-haves include midi skirts, or pencil skirts, whichever meets your choice; button-up shirts for any semi-formal events or meetings; wrap dress or sundress; a few good quality t-shirts for everyday use.

For the formal ones, a black blazer and good quality formal pants are a must-have. Try to have at least two pastel color formal shirts to pair up with the blazer.

Shop online, shop smart

Some people still believe that online shopping is a scam. But with time, people’s perspective is changing. Many online shops have already won people’s hearts with quality service and quality products. Most of the online shops give discounts on clothes and accessories in winter. From makeup to clothes everything has a 25-70% discount! Try to buy clothes then. In that way, you can buy clothes at a lesser price than usual.

Quality, not quantity

The quality of a product is extremely important. If you buy good quality clothes, you can use them for months and still make them look brand new.

On the other hand, if you focus on quantity, you’ll not only waste your money but also buy unnecessary things. These clothes will not even last long and you'll have to spend money on clothes next month. What a waste!

So, always focus on the quality of the products if you want to save up.

Be your own designer

Be your own designer and go for custom-made clothing. It is often believed that every girl is a potential designer. So, use your creativity to design your own clothes.

First of all, choose what kind of clothes you want. Then choose the material of the fabric. Next, look for your favorite piece of cloth, buy accessories such as laces and buttons if needed, and lastly, run to your tailor. You can make your dream cloth at a very reasonable and budget-friendly price in this way.

Shop for classy accessories

Accessories and shoes are no less important for your look. For accessories, buy a good pair of sunglasses that match your face shape. If you have a round shape, try buying rectangular or square frame glasses. On the other hand, if you have a long face, oversized sunglasses will be your perfect match.

For earrings, try buying hoops, pearl earrings, and studs for casual and formal looks. All these are never out of fashion.

Good shoes, good looks

Try buying good quality shoes that can take you to better places and also make you look good. Some of the must-have shoes that are necessary for a woman are flats for regular use, open shoes or sandals for semi-formal events, heels and shoes for formal events and parties, and a good pair of converse for your everyday use.

Try to spend on your shoes one at a time. Don’t follow the trend because if you spend a lot on a new design of shoes just for a season, it’s not worth it.

If you can follow all these tips and tricks while shopping, you can be well dressed in these and also save money. Sometimes you might feel like you’re spending much by focusing on the quality of the products, but in the long run, you’ll realize that you’ve made the right choice. So, shop smart, slay in all your outfits even on a budget. Happy shopping and happy saving!

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